Cialis UK

Treat erectile dysfunction in Great Britain: Cialis offers three drug forms

Among the drugs to combat erectile dysfunction, Cialis is not the most famous one. This is due to the fact the medicine was invented quite recently.

Created in the United States, the drug is confidently hitting the market, thus pushing legendary Viagra far into the background. Men from many European countries, as well as New Zealand and Australia, already tested the effects of Cialis.

Why the drug is unique? Unlike similar means in Great Britain, Cialis is efficient within 36 hours. A peculiar record in the field. When a new drug sees the world, it is immediately checked in clinical setting. Currently, Cialis passed more than six dozen of such tests. The trials involved more than four thousand male representatives of different age (even those over eighty!). More than eighty percent of men reported positive effect and lack of side effects.

Dosage is standard: 20 mg per day. Easy to remember. One tablet of Cialis provides strong erection for at least a day. Take a pill in the afternoon, and have a sexual act in the evening. Cialis acts on some substances that relax muscles and improve blood flow to penis.

Is Cialis prescribed to all men? In no case take Cialis, if you are being treated with drugs that contain nitrates (medications prescribed to cardiac patients). Be especially careful, if you ever suffered from any sort of drug allergy.

Can I take cheap Cialis with no prescription? If your liver and kidneys are of, you are not suffering from any cardiovascular disease, priapism and have no penis deformities, feel free to take Cialis with no prescription. Still, this is highly undesirable. After all, you may not be aware of own health problems. Never combine Cialis with drugs of a similar action. If you are taking any medications, consult with your doctor. You know, Cialis may affect their performance, and vice versa.

Cialis provides no effect on one’s rate of reaction, color vision and other senses. Warning! In some cases, the drug can cause indigestion, migraine or muscle pain. Notice these phenomena to bother you right after the intake? Stop taking the medicine and talk to your doctor.

After the drug’s release to the market, manufacturers came up with a new form. Now you can order Cialis Forte. This formulation provides faster effect, while its duration is almost the same. Persistent erection is achieved even in cases when conventional generics fail to help.

In addition to this form, there is another one - Cialis Soft. Its action is faster than that of a conventional drug.

Why a better effect is provided? Tablets are resolved under the tongue and immediately absorbed into the sublingual vein. That is, the substance comes into blood bypassing digestive tract.

Ready to buy Cialis? Avoid being guided by the price. The cost of all three drug forms is almost the same. Consult your doctor regarding the dosage and frequency of use, since the manufacturer strongly recommends not using the medicine every day. Australian cialis here